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We’re Hooked

We’re Hooked
November 2014
Buckle, zip, fasten, loop, and tie on belts spanning from wide to skinny, suede to silk—most anything with intriguing texture

1. Monserat De Lucca leather waist belt with buckle closure, $158 at Out of Hand
2. Cowboysbelt “Backford Leather Studded Belt,“ $52 at Lori + Lulu
3. Suzi Roher leather waist belt with metal eyelet and zipper hardware detailing, $495 at Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant
4. Janyce McMenamin one-of-a-kind Japanese silk kimono belt, price upon request at RTW
5. ADA python wrap belt, $80 at Copper Penny
6. Landes Italian leather belt with double gold buckle clasp (half of buckle is not shown), $50 at Tina Stephens
7. B-low the Belt stretch snake-chain belt with high-gloss finish and double-hook closure, $198 at Finicky Filly
8. Salvatore Ferragamo leather belt in “Lava“ with gold clasp and hardware, $375 at Rapport
9. B.Belt “Skinny Stud Belt“ in grey leather, $145 at Calypso St. Barth