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Visual Arts

Visual Arts
March 2010

“Some things can be inspiring and beautiful without being remotely is the landscape painter’s job to decide which is which,” remarks naturalist artist Marc Dalessio. The classically trained painter takes his words to heart with the scenic works on display during his solo show, “Giardino Italiano,” at Ann Long Fine Art.

En plein air, French for “in the open air,” is often associated with 19th-century Impressionists such as Monet, Degas, and Renoir. With easels under their arms, these masters found beauty in nature and inspiration in the play of sunlight upon color. California native Dalessio, who calls Italy home, now follows their plein air lead. Hasty brushstrokes in his light-infused landscapes capture fleeting moments in the gardens of Florence, Lake Como, and Tuscany. “Marc’s work combines the brilliant draftsmanship of rigorous academic training with the color sensibility of an artist raised on California and French Impressionism,” says gallery director Laura Melton.