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Vail Duggan

Vail Duggan
October 2011
The founder of Loulu Agency—and an avid surfer and equestrian—shares her recycled style, choice transportation, and family heirlooms





Armed & Fabulous: “After years of having my great-grandfather’s silver pocket knife in a treasure chest, I had it made into a necklace.”


Life Vest: “I’ve had this vest, once a jacket, since before college. It reminds me of Linus’ blanket—well-worn and loved.”





Cool Rider: “I discovered surfing in 2003 and have felt most at home in the ocean ever since. This board is my vehicle of choice.”



Picture Show: “My parents gave me this signed lithograph by photographer Doris Ulmann. It’s been in my family for more than 60 years.”





Old Soles: “I bought these Frye boots in 2002 during a ski trip in Colorado. I wear them year-round.”



Red Rover: “There’s something so liberating about witnessing the world from a bike. Riding downtown or on the islands just makes me happy.”



Signed, Sealed, Saved: “I am blessed to have hundreds of family postcards, photos, and letters dating back to the mid-1800s.”


Essential Oils: “Moroccan Oil is great for taming the ‘Charleston frizz,’ and Beachcomber Budd’s makes me smell like I’m on vacation.”


Rest Assured: “Every girl should have a good bed...and high thread-count sheets.”
Good Will: “Most of the items in my house are recycled, including my wardrobe. I adore style swaps, antiques malls, and thrift and consignment stores.”
Working It: “My job in PR and marketing lets me be creative, promote artists and businesses, and learn about multiple industries.”