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Style Q&A with Megan Stokes

Style Q&A with Megan Stokes
May 2019

Charleston style blogger Megan Stokes shares her favorite fashions, products, and kids clothes with her nearly 60,000 Instagram followers. Steal her look with these pro tips

Stokes with her daughter, Rosie, and son, Watson

Q How did Holy City Chic come to life?
I started my blog as a pastime and creative outlet in 2011 when I was a senior in college. As a child, I was always a scrapbooker and loved to journal, so starting my blog was simply a digital form of that.

Q What’s the number one most effective product in your beauty regimen?
Dry shampoo has to be the most effective product in my arsenal. I’ve tried so many brands, but Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo is my favorite.

Q What is your favorite summer wardrobe item?
Lightweight dresses are my favorite summer staple. I’m a big fan of Persifor’s Winpenny dress.

Q Do you have a favorite swimsuit designer?
The sophistication of Marysia swimsuits can’t be matched. I love the Santa Barbara one shoulder top (left).

Q As a mom of two kids under three, what are your favorite kids’ clothing and baby gear lines?
I prefer sweet smocked details, bubbles, and short john johns. I love Lullaby Set, The Beaufort Bonnet Company, Little English, and Lila & Hayes.

Q You collect local art. Who are your favorite artists?
Way Way Allen, Rebecca Hoyle, Haley Mathewes (below), Sally King Benedict, and Jordan Connelly.


Photographs courtesy of (Stokes-2) Megan Stokes, (chair) celadon, (Bubble dress) Little English, (painting) Haley Mathewes, (Bikini) Marysia Swim, (dress) Persifor, & (dry Shampoo) Drybar