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Style Q&A: Build a thoughtful wardrobe with the fashion enthusiast behind Audrey á la Mode

Style Q&A: Build a thoughtful wardrobe with the fashion enthusiast behind Audrey á la Mode
September 2021

Find out how Audrey Coyne’s style has evolved since she moved to Charleston six years ago

If you’ve followed the fashion blogger’s journey, you’ve seen how her once thoroughly New York aesthetic has evolved since relocating to Charleston in 2016, gradually embracing lighter colors and dresses more suitable for weathering the heat. But the fashion enthusiast behind Audrey A La Mode’s style philosophy remains the same: less is more and quality over quantity. Each season, she guides her 620,000 YouTube subscribers and 75,000 Instagram followers through her thoughtful wardrobe curation, choosing timeless styles over trendy fast fashions. Look out for the launch this month of a collaboration she had to keep mum about. Here, Coyne shares her favorite transitional wardrobe staples

Q Are there any favorite local stores you like to shop?
I love popping into The Tiny Tassel and Hampden Clothing.

Q How did you update your wardrobe after you moved to Charleston?
I started wearing more colors to match the gorgeous architecture and bright sunshine. I’ve fallen in love with white, off-white, navy, pink, and green. I also started wearing more dresses and love so many by Doen (above).

Q Tell us about your skin care and makeup routines.
I keep my skin care as simple as possible but love to experiment with makeup. For my face, I love mineral powder because it’s light and non-irritating but also looks great on camera. I also love, love, love blush, and Chantecaille Cheek Gelée (above) is one of my favorites.

Q Which style shoes do you switch to in the fall?
Though I wear most of my wardrobe all year, there are a few pieces I look forward to wearing in the fall. This year, I’m particularly excited about my classic black Crockett & Jones “Bonnie” Chelsea boots. 

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Q Which item in your shopping cart are you hoping to purchase soon?
Since I’ve been building my wardrobe for the last few years and have a base I’m so happy with, I’m focusing more on accessories lately and would love to add a large bespoke ring from Asha (above) to my closet.

Q What is your favorite look to wear when it’s still warm outside, but you’re ready to dress for fall?
I love to take advantage of the weather by leaving my legs bare as long as possible and wearing shorts, a skirt, or a dress and then throwing a light sweater or scarf over my shoulders. My Sabina Savage scarves are perfect for this. I also love to wear lighter pieces in navy, burgundy, or green to feel like I’m embracing the season without melting.

Q What’s the most luxurious piece in your closet?
It’s a tie between my Chanel ballet flats and Brooks Brothers camel coat (left). I saved and planned for both and still wear and love them just as much as the day I bought them.


Q What’s your favorite piece of jewelry and why?
Hands down my gold signet ring by Ruffs. It’s engraved with a bumble bee surrounded by roses, and the symbolism means so much to me. The bumble bee, which is often connected to the sun, represents brightness and symbolizes community, cooperation, hard work, and personal power. Many sources also claim that the bumble bee serves as a reminder to pursue your dreams, no matter how great they seem and to also extract the sweetness of life. I love that! The roses, which are also my favorite flower, represent love, passion, and devotion, which are also characteristics I strive for in life. Ruffs’ craftmanship and attention to detail is unbelievable, and it’s a piece I treasure so much. 

Q What are your tips for someone starting a capsule wardrobe? What key pieces do you need? 
A  I love capsule wardrobes and think they're perfect for anyone looking ot figure out their personal style or for traveling. If you’re just starting a capsule wardrobe, my top recommendation is to choose a color palette that can be mixed and matched and suits your preferences, your personal coloring, and where you live. A base of one or two neutral colors such as black navy, white, or off-white and then one to two accent colors such as pink, green, or burgundy are perfect. Having a color palette will ensure that everything mixes and matches effortlessly, which make the whole process so much more fun!

As for the key pieces you need for a fall capsule wardobe, I think these will differ from person to person depending on the weather where you live and your lifestyle, but a good place to start is a pair of pants that can be dressed up or down, a great sweater, a blazer or jacket, versatile dress or skirt, a slightly dressy shirt, a more casual shirt such as a simple T-shirt, a pair of shoes you can dress up that are easy to walk in, and a pair of boots—either ankle or taller boots.