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Solar Studies

Solar Studies
August 2017

OrangeWave Innovative Science’s eclipse expeditions

Brice Orange first learned about the 2017 total solar eclipse as an undeclared major at College of Charleston. “I remember thinking, ’17 years from now, I’m going to be there.’”

He would never have guessed, however, that he’d be leading an expedition of scientists and students to study the once-in-a-generation phenomenon. Now a consultant astrophysicist at the University of Virgin Islands’ (UVI) Etelman Observatory and founder of Charleston-based consulting group OrangeWave Innovative Science, Orange will return to his hometown of Moncks Corner for the August 21 eclipse.

A team including teachers and students from Berkeley High School, as well as UVI scientists and undergrads, will use specialized cameras to observe the event and collect information about the sun’s magnetic fields and atmospheric composition. They’ll film the experience to share with others, and a second team in Illinois will allow them to compare data.

Orange’s main goal, though, is to foster a love of scientific research in the students—so they’ll be running the show by 2045’s total eclipse.


Image courtesy of (Brice Orange) Trude D. Johansson & OrangeWave Innovative Science