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Rock Stars

Rock Stars
April 2010
Unearth a perfect gem from this spring’s outcropping of stone accessories

1. Leather cuff with jade stones, $89 at Biton  2. Bracelet featuring turquoise set in sterling silver with a toggle closure, $228 at Handpicked  3. Sapphire pendant on a 14K gold chain, $74 at Poe Studio  4. Rose quartz necklace, $115 at Dixie Dunbar Studio  5. Lava rock pendant on a sterling silver chain, $89 at Aster Hall  6. Sterling silver choker with brown drusy, lime quartz, and pearl stones, $315 at Aster Hall  7. Peruvian opal pendant with freshwater pearl and turquoise detail on a 24K gold chain, $215 at Filigree  8. Teardrop-shaped agate pendant on a 14K gold chain necklace, $175 at Out of Hand  9. Sterling silver-framed bracelet set with turquoise and jade stones, $395 at Aster Hall  10. Dara Ettinger “Bridget” oversize chalcedony drusy ring set in 24K gold, $85 at Seeking Indigo  11. Green garnet slab pendant necklace on a 14K gold chain, $65 at Dee Ruel  12. White agate necklace with a 14K gold clasp, $175 at Out of Hand  13. Sterling silver cuff with green agate stone, $99 at Willy Jay’s  14. Dara Ettinger oversize amethyst crystal ring set in 24K gold, $85 at Seeking Indigo