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Raising Expectations

Raising Expectations
January 2015
King Street’s ”Sky Residence”

A modern building is going up at 301 King Street, its completion slated for February. Surprised you haven’t caught wind of kerfuffle over a sleek intruder into a historical landscape? That’s because the city, Preservation Society of Charleston, and Historic Charleston Foundation all support the place. Dubbed ”Sky Residence,” it sits atop two combined buildings that host the Apple Store on the first floor and digital marketing agency Blue Ion on the second and third.

Blue Ion partner Rich Yessian bought the ”air rights” to the structure in 2008, tapping architect Kevan Hoertdoerfer and developer Renew Urban to design a home that boasts a green roof; solar panels; and a structural fiberglass exterior louvre system, which “allows the inhabitant to dictate the amount of exposure in and out,” says Hoertdoerfer. ”There is a history of partial views and screening in this city,” he notes, referencing landscaping and the single house. “I hope this will encourage other projects that will push the limits of design in Charleston.”