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Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders
A new exhibit explores the art of wood turning

Glance at sculptural pieces by the likes of Oregon artist Christian Burchard and Pennsylvania’s David Ellsworth, and you may not realize they’re made of wood—the patterns and shapes are so artful, so different from our everyday experiences with the natural material.

In fact, astounding things can happen when woodturners set to work with chainsaws, lathes, sandblasters, and carving tools. Just visit Broad Street’s Mary Martin Gallery from April 30 to May 18 to see for yourself. There, local collector and retired minister Richard Hogue has curated the “Masters of Turned-Wood Sculpture” exhibit featuring works by 13 artists from across the country, including Burchard, Ellsworth (who beginning in the ’70s helped pioneer wood turning’s evolution into an artistic endeavor), and Charleston’s own Ashley Harwood.

The exhibition includes a work by each artist responding to the horrific murders at Emanuel AME. “Like so many others, I wanted to honor the victims and felt this would be a meaningful way to do so,” Hogue explains.

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