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Lulie Wallace

Lulie Wallace
April 2016
We caught up with the local painter—and new mom—to learn about her latest creations and collaborations, plus her upcoming move to the Cigar Factory

Q Is there one clothing item you’re lusting after for spring?
There’s nothing that makes me feel more ladylike than a great cocktail dress, like Self-Portrait’s ”Felicia” from Hampden Clothing.

Q  What’s new?
I launched the ”A-Z” Animal Series of paintings and prints in February—about eight weeks after my daughter, Edy, was born, I just had an itch to create! And I collaborated with Plum Pretty Sugar to create pajama sets and bathrobes.

Q Name your biggest inspiration.
Community; I get excited to walk into my studio when there are other creatives working alongside me. I work out of Redux Contemporary Art Center now but am moving to the Cigar Factory soon. Thankfully, my painter pals Teil Duncan, Raven Wilson, and Blakely Little are coming with me!

Q When shopping for little Edy, what do you look for?
I love bright prints and often feel like I live vicariously through Edy’s wardrobe. I wear mostly greys, blacks, and neutrals, but she gets clothes with all the colors! I like to shop at H&M, Zara, and Pink Chicken.

Q Do you have go-to sandals?
Flatforms from Anthropologie; I can throw them on with a girly dress, and they add a bit of edge.

Q What’s your favorite flower?
The fat, fluffy peony! I wore a blush-pink one in my hair at my wedding reception that my mother grew in her garden.