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Lois Lane

Lois Lane
September 2009
With a penchant for the past, this local real estate agent shares the items—and intangibles—that have made the cut in her minimalist lifestyle




Keeping Cool: “I spent girlhood summers at my Aunt Mae’s downtown. She’d put this fan on the porch so I could read beside it. Now, I use it when sleeping in my hammock.”





Time Travel: “I go to Rome nearly every year, so I love this kooky book from the 1940s. I’ve been to many of the places featured—the city doesn’t change much.”



In Sync: “My father gave me this Louis Renard watch when one that Aunt Mae gave me could no longer be repaired. He wanted me to have one similar to hers.”





A Few of My Favorite Things: “I’ve always been a big fan of The Sound of Music, so I treasure this ‘Louisa’ doll that I got for Christmas as a girl.”



Pie Dreams: “About 15 years ago, I decided that I should be able to do something really well, so I learned to bake pies. This blueberry recipe is delicious.”





Smart Save: “I own a number of vintage dresses by Comme des Garçons—the intellectual quality of the designs appeals to me. I framed this piece to preserve it.”








For Art’s Sake: “Vincent van Gogh’s work inspired my passion for sunflowers, and I seek them out whenever I want fresh blooms.”


Minimalist Mission: “I give away anything I don’t need or plan to keep forever and buy mostly things I will use up.”

Shoe Philosophy: “Boots are my absolute favorite. I tend to go for shoes that make you look like you have work to do.”

Personal Luxuries: “Light, room to dance, Diptyque candles, and beauty I don’t necessarily own.”

Beloved Building: “My Broad Street office was once the workspace of Preservation Society founder Susan Pringle Frost, the first local female real estate agent and business owner.”