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Lindsey Carter

Lindsey Carter
March 2012
The founder and designer of women’s contemporary brand TROUBADOUR shares her take on fashion, flying lessons, and the power of perfume



Baggage Claim: “This ‘31 Hour’ bag by Phillip Lim was a Christmas gift from my husband. It’ll be especially perfect when I’m in New York because I can carry everything in it.”

Good Vision: “If you come over to my house at night, I’ll be wearing these Linda Farrow glasses, which are geek, but chic.”

Light of Her Life: “My husband and I got this ‘Fidel’ cigar-scented candle from the Cire Trudon store in Paris. All of their candles smell fantastic!”

Speaking Volumes:
“I’ve started a collection of cocktail table books that I find inspiring. It makes me feel comfortable to have books around.”

Sea Things: “I have a couple captain’s mirrors like this one throughout the house - I love their shape and utilitarian nature.”

Wear With All:
“I always wear this ‘Ski Bomber’ that I designed for TROUBADOUR - it goes well with everything.”

Scent Sensibility: “I’m addicted to perfumes. They help create the mood you’re in and complete your outfit.”

Knot’s Landing: “We make creative use of this huge monkey fist knot as a doorstop. I love it because it’s a playful nod to nautical style.”


Joy of the Job: “I love the creation element—being inspired and seeing your idea evolve into a bigger picture, into a completed piece of clothing.”
Personal Style: “It’s an accumulation of things. There’s a little surf and beach, which brings in a nautical theme, mixed with Old World romance and a bit of disheveled preppy.”
Flight Plans: “Fashion can really consume your life, so I’m trying to find other hobbies. I recently started taking flying lessons and am trying to get a scuba trip under my belt.”