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How to Wear Turtlenecks

How to Wear Turtlenecks
January 2014
Hear it from those in the know

Lisa Thomas, “creative conduit,” out of hand, Swoon, & ooh! events
“This all-purpose item can be a simple silhouette under a jacket, or I love it under a sleeveless sheath.”

Patrick Navarro, Senior Stylist, Stella Nova
“I like a sleek hairstyle, such as a ponytail or topknot, paired with an oversize turtleneck. A tousled, more relaxed hairstyle, such as soft waves or a blowout, can complement a fitted, more structured turtleneck.”

Anne Summer, Owner of Rapport
“In New York, I saw Akris Punto pair slim-fitting long-sleeve turtlenecks with cap-sleeve dresses. It created the appearance of a ‘second skin’ and added a cute dimension to the dress.”