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How to Wear Neon

How to Wear Neon
July 2014
Don brilliant hues—without having a frightening ’80s flashback

Harper Poe, Designer & Owner of Proud Mary
“Pops of neon show up in traditional textiles; especially in Latin America and Asia, so I love seeing them in a modern wardrobe. I prefer them with neutrals—a multi-colored neon top with faded denim is perfect.”

Ayoka Lucas, Charleston Style Director  
“This trend falls under the ’handle with care’ warning. It can easily go wrong! My best advice would be to do it in doses such as a handbag, shoe, or sunglasses. For the fashion-forward, I recommend color blocking with a neutral.”

Lori Lecker, owner of Lori + Lulu
“Neons look fresh and flattering on all different skin tones. Use them as a color pop by wearing a neon scarf or piece of statement jewelry.”