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How to plant and maintain a cut-flower garden

How to plant and maintain a cut-flower garden
March 2009

• Choose an area that has plenty of sun and does not receive heavy foot traffic.
• Make sure soil is well-drained and amended (Joan uses Possum’s Flower Bed Conditioner).
• Water soil before sowing seeds.
• Lightly mist soil with water after sowing and ensure soil remains moist for germination.


• Stake flowers if they begin to bend.
• Divide perennials every few years to encourage vigorous blooms.
• Many flowers are self-sowing, but don’t forget to harvest seed for next year.
• Store seeds in a cool, dry area; label with the name and date of collection.
• Prevent powdery mildew by thinning some flowers out to allow better air flow.
• Stagger your plantings so you have fresh flowers all season long.
• Prune regularly to prevent insect infestation and encourage new growth.