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Gardening: July 2017

Gardening: July 2017
July 2017

Ask an Expert: Do you have any advice for keeping my indoor plants hydrated while I am out of town?

“Consider planting in containers that have a self-watering reservoir or using potting soil containing hydrogel crystals, which expand when wet and release moisture slowly. Aqua globes are also a smart tool—filled every week or two, these often-decorative accessories drip agua into the soil. You can achieve similar results by drilling holes into the cap of a plastic bottle inserted upside-down in the pot. Lastly, move plants to an area that is cool with indirect light; sun-lovers will be fine here for up to a week.”

TIP: Believe it or not, it’s time to plant your seeds for fall annuals! Sunflowers, ageratum, and globe amaranth are excellent options for cooler-weather color.