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Four Mantras: Meet inspiring locals and get their tips for boosting your health, happiness, and vitality in the New Year

Four Mantras: Meet inspiring locals and get their tips for boosting your health, happiness, and vitality in the New Year
January 2024

Embrace community, transform your diet, and get moving in 2024

Mantra 1 - “Use it or lose it.” —Joey Welling

Joey Welling knows you’ve heard this adage before, but the West Ashley native, longtime personal trainer, and founder of downtown’s Ethos Athletic Club says he’s witnessed its validity time and time again. And when used as a motivating mantra, “use it or lose it” can help keep your perspective toward physical fitness decidedly straightforward: Daily activity and controlled stress on your muscles, joints, and bones gives you the ability to move better later in life. >>READ MORE

Mantra 2 - “Eat right for life.” —Dr. Ann Kulze

When Ann Kulze, known to her followers as Dr. Ann, talks about diet and nutrition, her conviction is palpable. As an internal medicine doctor, health and nutrition expert, motivational speaker, and author, the seventh-generation Charlestonian can recite statistics, facts, and definitions at a rate that can make your head spin. And yet, she also has the unique ability to boil all of the nuanced science down in a way that’s both easy to understand and incredibly empowering for anyone trying to eat better or improve their health. >>READ MORE

Mantra 3 - “A happy boat is a fast boat.” —Ben Towill & Charlie Layton

A year ago this month—on January 21, 2023, to be exact—locals Ben Towill and Charlie Layton rowed into the calm Caribbean waters of Antigua’s English Harbour. By now, you may have heard how Towill and Layton (aka “The Dreamboats”) rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean over the course of 40 days—not only completing the Herculean feat, but securing first place in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, a competition dubbed “the world’s toughest row.” >>READ MORE

Mantra 4 - “Practice being uncomfortable.” —Stephanie Harvey

In 2020, Charleston native Stephanie Harvey worked full-time at The Vitamin Shoppe in North Charleston. A certified health and wellness coach and holistic nutritionist, she spent her days helping customers find supplements but was struck by the weight of the questions often posed to her. “People would ask me questions almost as if I was a doctor,” says Harvey. “I realized that there’s a lot people don’t know when it comes to their health, especially when we’re talking about underprivileged communities. When you’re not taught about health at home and you never think to learn about it, then as you get older and have kids, that mind-set goes on to the next generation.” >>READ MORE