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Flower Power

Flower Power
February 2012
Fish’s Evan Powell shares a bittersweet, Valentine’s-ready cocktail recipe

Valentine’s Day tends to stir up a wide range of emotions—giddy excitement, eye-rolling annoyance, and shrugs of apathy. So it makes sense that for those who intend to imbibe on such a holiday, a cocktail should reflect the full spectrum of feelings.

The rosy, effervescent Cupid’s Cup, created by Evan Powell of Fish, accurately celebrates this most bittersweet event. Starting with Nolet’s Silver Gin—a clean, botanically-based spirit with hints of raspberry, peach, and rose petals—the cocktail finishes with the slight tartness of brandy-soaked cherries and Aperol. Playing off the rosy sweetness of the gin’s raspberry and rose notes, Powell also pulls in the unexpected touch of edible, syrup-soaked hibiscus flowers—perfect for a holiday that seems to revolve around blooms.

“This is a drink that appeals to everyone,” says Powell. “It’s refreshing and cleanses the palate.” He adds that the yummy wild hibiscus syrup and tasty floral garnish is sure to impress, whether you’re celebrating with friends or a significant other, although it does require preplanning. Powell recommends ordering the fragrant, canned, cocktail-ready flowers from

As the mixologist adjusts the drink’s hibiscus “corsage,” he adds that in cocktails, like love, “you have to take the bitter with the sweet. This drink is the perfect balance of those two, while still being very festive.”