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Feeling the Flow

Feeling the Flow
May 2012
Three arts groups collaborate for Ebb & Flow at Piccolo’s Dance Festival

There’s a saying that “dancing is like dreaming with your feet.” And what could be better than dreaming all day? Indulge in exactly that with Piccolo Spoleto’s Dance Festival. Highlights include performances from local as well as regional troupes, but not to be missed is Ebb & Flow. DanceFX have teamed up with The Entropy Ensemble and Revolve Aerial Dance for this one-of-a-kind collaboration. Choreographer Jenny Broe calls the performance “a juxtaposition of mood focusing on the wax and wane of life and what it means to be human.” Three choreographers bring their unique perspectives to the work, with Sarah Cart providing funky hip-hop moves, Stephanie Bussell applying traditional ballet, and Broe completing the performance with classic jazz steps.

“I want the audience to experience a deep inhale, followed by a really long exhalation when watching this performance,” says Broe. That mood will be executed through the movement of 17 performers, including eight principal dancers, grooving to an original composition by Entropy Ensemble with Cirque du Soleil-like moments provided by Revolve Aerial Dance. Expect to see the ultimate merging of the movement arts.

Footlight Players Theatre, 20 Queen St. Tuesday, 10am. $35-$18. (843)722-2706,