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Dream Job

Dream Job
February 2014
Justina Lasley has devoted 20-plus years to helping people seek out the answers they’re sleeping through

Whatever you want to know, Justina Lasley is convinced your dreams have the answer. The Mount Pleasant resident is the founder and director of the Institute for Dream Studies and the creator of DreamSynergy, a process for interpreting one’s dreams for self-transformation. She’s spent the last two decades lecturing and leading workshops internationally and will soon release her third book, Wake Up! Use Your (Nighttime) Dreams to Make Your (Daytime) Dreams Come True. 


CM: How did you get into dream studies?

JL: In 1990, I heard a presentation about dreams and the messages they contain. I was so drawn to the concept that I joined the dream group organized by the speaker. When he left, I took over as the leader. Soon I was giving talks and leading dream groups in other places. Eventually I went back to grad school and earned an M.A. in transpersonal psychology with an emphasis in dream studies.


CM: How can it be helpful for a person to study his or her dreams?

JL: They give you insight into what’s going on in your life, what the emotional impact of a situation is, and what the solution might be. Whether you want to improve your relationships, your finances, your health, your creativity, or your career, dreams will guide you.


CM: What advice do you give people interested in interpreting their dreams? 

JL: Set the intention that you want to remember your dreams, then commit to learning their metaphorical language. No one can interpret a dream for you because your dreams are based on your personal life experience. Record your dreams as soon as you wake up. Then take time to think about the images, emotions, and symbols in them. Relate the dream to your waking life and listen to your inner voice in order to understand the message. 


CM: What about nightmares?

JL: Nightmares and reoccurring dreams come to literally wake us up. Pay attention to them, because they bring very important messages. 


CM: What’s been your coolest dream experience?

JL: I went to Sibera once, by myself, because I knew from my dreams that I needed to go to prepare for the new life I was about to begin. I met people and had experiences that taught me the very things I needed to learn in that stage of my life.  


Lives: Mount Pleasant


Family: Husband Chad Minifie, three daughters, four step-daughters, and four grandchildren


Websites: and


Upcoming workshops: 

February 28-March 2: “Bringing Dreams to Life,” Springbank Retreat Center for EcoSpirituality & The Arts, Kingstree;

March 25: “Wake Up to Your Most Creative Self,” 5:30-7:30 p.m., Gibbes Museum of Art,