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Born Again Bar

Born Again Bar
May 2014
The latest iteration of Avondale Wine & Cheese is a hip, after-hours hot spot

Wine and cheese lovers west of the Ashley, relax—Lewis Dodson is looking out for you. Last year, Dodson, owner-bartender of Folly Beach’s Drop-In Deli, was working on a micro-distillery next to Avondale Wine & Cheese when he heard his neighbor was looking to sell. (The micro-distillery is slated to debut later in 2014.) “I’ve always wanted to own a wine and cheese store,” he says. “So how could I beat that?”

Envisioning a spot where patrons could sit down, open a bottle of wine, and savor each other’s company, Dodson, along with partners Jessica Krofta and Kris Kincaid, overhauled the stalwart West Ashley shop, adding seating and a bar, extending the hours (2 p.m.-11 p.m.), and expanding the menu.  

Now that the dust has settled from the makeover, the place—smack in the heart of Avondale’s food, bev, and biz district—is hopping with patrons who order from a vast selection of wines and artisanal goudas, cheddars, bries, and more, plus choice meats, tapas, desserts, and craft beers. Customers linger as long as they please—just what Dodson wanted. “We’d love for you to stay and open another bottle of wine,” he says.

SAY CHEESE: Avondale Wine & Cheese 813B Savannah Hwy., (843) 769-5444] is open Monday-Saturday, 2 p.m.-11 p.m.