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Barbara Beach

Barbara Beach
August 2010
The Charleston Fashion Week Emerging Designer finalist talks about her children’s clothing line, inherited style, and Parisian dreams



Swim Team:
"I am obsessed with Marysia SWIM bathing suits. I adore the fabric and fit of this one."


Delicious Distraction:
"I bake to procrastinate. This almond cake with raspberry filling and dark chocolate icing is on a favorite plate my mom gave me."



Locked In:
"I've grown up with Mason Pearson brushes—my grandmother, who we called 'Mom,' thought every woman should have one."



A Shoe-In:
"I knew I'd find a special event where I could wear these Loeffler Randalls from Hampden Clothing—it turned out to be my CFW runway show."



Family Stone:
"My grandmother 'Nee' gave me this heirloom garnet ring when I graduated high school. I wear it on special occasions."



Sweet Tea:
"I can't live without tea. My brother teaches in Africa and brought this kind back from Zimbabwe, the country where my mother was born and raised."


Bow Tied:
"I got this necklace from Candy Shop Vintage—I really like to support local people because I like it when locals support me!"





Fish for Compliments:
"This is one of my favorite paintings by my aunt, Lou Horner. I've never seen anything like it!"



French Connection:
"I bought this lavender soap from a shop in Paris. Much of my inspiration stems from that city. I'd love to live there."

The Details:

Good Influence: "My mother has great style and used to make clothes for my siblings and me. For my line, I like to use the classic patterns she did but add a modern twist."

Wardrobe Essentials: "I love soft, pretty dresses and high-quality, unique-looking sandals."

Reading List: "For design ideas, I keep up with two French children's magazines and European Vogue. And I recently read Fashion Designer Survival Guide cover to cover—Marysia Reeves recommended it to me."