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A girl's surprise suds encourage kids to lather up

A girl's surprise suds encourage kids to lather up
June 2020

Local family launched Sohp Shop in March

Lilly shows off her surprise suds.

For the 2018 holidays, nine-year-old Lilly Evans created some fun “surprise soaps,” putting small toys she found around the house into the center of the bright cleanser she had made as a craft. When she started selling them from a stand in the front yard, her mom, Chassity, quickly saw the potential for her daughter’s cute products to extend far beyond her yard sales.

The family got to work, developing a line with three themed surprise soaps—unicorn, fortune, and ninja—as well as outsourcing the production and creating an e-commerce site “Sohp Shop.” And while the expected fall launch was delayed in product development, the March 2020 premiere came at an opportune time, Chassity says of the secret toys that give kids an incentive to say good-bye to germs. “Handwashing should be fun, and our soap encourages kids to not only wash their hands but to wash for longer,” she says.

A local blogger behind the “Look Linger Love” website and Instagram page, which has more than 50,000 followers, Chassity is no stranger to Internet success. “We are about to launch wholesale and hope to be all over, not just Charleston,” she says. Already, they have orders from Celadon and Pitt Street Kids.

While Lilly is no longer responsible for molding the soaps, she and her brother, Fletcher, remain involved with the business. “We keep them updated on everything so that they can get a good sense of what building and running a business is like,” says Chassity. “They love brainstorming new themes and products and coming up with social media content.”

The proud mom says the reaction has been incredible. “It’s such a fun product with an important purpose.” Learn more at