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Beat the Heat & Break a Sweat

Beat the Heat & Break a Sweat
July 2016
Take refuge from those summer scorchers inside downtown’s newest—and coolest—fitness studios

Sure, exercise is essential. But seeking out an outdoor sweat session during the height of Holy City summer? Sounds like a heat stroke waiting to happen. Luckily, a trio of downtown fitness studios have recently opened in superiorly designed digs, bringing fresh and fun new exercise options. Take note: all offer discounts to new clients, and other folks (from teachers to veterans) might find deals, too—call for details.

Urban Flow Yoga, 484 King Street, Suite 207;

THE SPACE: This crisp, modern studio outfitted by Melissa Lenox Design boasts high ceilings, exposed brick walls, views of King Street, a comfy lounge, eco-friendly and therapeutic infrared radiant heat panels, and a striking mural of Hindu deity Ganesh (known as the remover of obstacles) painted by local artist Sean Williams.

THE WORKOUT: Eighteen teachers who trained across the world lead up to nine classes daily, offering a wide range of styles—including vinyasa, ashtanga, and yin—as well as senior, beginner, and community classes. “We offer classes appropriate for every body that are a sweet blend of physically challenging movement and mindful stillness,” says owner Megan Gray. “You’ll likely sweat, but you’ll also walk away feeling more grounded and energized.”

THE VIBE: With a friendly front-desk team, neat lockers, colorful merchandise, and complimentary tea and cookies, the studio radiates a sit-down-and-stay-awhile vibe. “Above all, we are all-inclusive and community-driven,” says Gray.

THE PRICE: Drop-in classes are $15; class passes start at $65 for five or $100 for a month unlimited.

Longevity Fitness, 163 Rutledge Avenue,

THE SPACE: This sleek boutique fitness studio sits in a Rutledge Avenue penthouse and has two fully equipped workout rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, and spa-like amenities galore.

THE WORKOUT: Classes—which typically accommodate four to 10 students—are offered in everything from barre, reformer Pilates, TRX, dance fitness, and yoga to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and kickboxing.

THE VIBE: In addition to offering services like acupuncture, massage therapy, and nutrition counseling, the studio is oh-so inviting. “Working out should be a positive experience. You’re doing something good for yourself, but it’s hard work, so we want to ensure it’s fun and that people know we care,” says founder Jennie Brooks.

THE PRICE: Drop-in rates for classes start at $20; packages start at $115 for five classes.

Rightwerk, 111 Church Street,

THE SPACE: This colorful space is part yoga house, part dance studio, and part boxing ring. Radiant heat panels emit far infrared (FIR) energy.

THE WORKOUT: In addition to Baptiste-inspired vinyasa yoga classes, challenging 75-minute “werkflow” and “twerkflow” classes blend yoga with either high-intensity intervals of kickboxing and strength training or all-levels hip-hop choreography.

THE VIBE: There are signature classes to suit any mood: from “feel good” sessions set to hip-hop jams to mellow “feel better” classes designed to kick hangovers. “Our studio offers the opportunity to not only transform physically, but also mentally—and have a blast while doing it,” says CEO Lizzie Chafin.

THE PRICE: Drop-in classes are $15; packages start at $60 for five classes or $99 for a month unlimited.