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Arts Profile

July 2024
Find out what Read is working on for his solo exhibit at the George Gallery this fall

June 2024
Learn how her creative process has evolved and where you can find her work

April 2024
The former Broadway performer says her training helps her balance on scaffolding to paint ceilings

March 2024
See Matsuda’s work at two shows this month: One at Redux and the other at Hed Hi Studio

February 2024
The graphic designer and illustrator reflects on his unconventional artistic path that led him to illustrate Revelry’s...

December 2023
There are six special holiday performances at the Circular Congregational Church in December

November 2023
See Moore’s abstract photographs in December at Corrigan Gallery

October 2023
“The Journey of Robert Smalls” is the Gaillard Center’s first original production

September 2023
The digital artist known for his “Everydays” project recently opened Beeple Studios to celebrate “digital weirdness”

August 2023
She her "Nether Space(s)" performance at the Gibbes on August 19

June 2023
McLaurin challenges the conventions of classical piano in his YouTube videos reinterpreting songs by Madonna and Lady...

May 2023
LaFaye and the Fellas are headlining next month’s Juneteenth Festival at North Charleston’s Riverfront Park

April 2023
Willams hosts the first exhibit in the Broad Street space on April 7

March 2023
See her work this month at Miller Gallery’s pop-up exhibit at Hed Hi Studio

February 2023
Look for her latest collection to be released through The Miller Gallery website this month

January 2023
See her work alongisde sculptures from Kevin Chambers at the “Wander Within” exhibit at Robert Lange Studios this month

December 2022
This spring, the Charleston School of the Arts grad will become the first person of color appointed musical director of...

October 2022
See the artist's work this month at the Gibbes Museum of Art

July 2022
Learn how she perfected her freehand technique and why it brings her joy

June 2022
Her art is included in four exhibits this month. Find out where you can see it.

April 2022
See their local projects and find out how they’re encouraging more large-scale works

March 2022
Discover why the artist is at a turning point and how she landed on Folly Beach

February 2022
See her work on display at City Gallery at Waterfront Park this month